GIRL (rapped)
I know I can hypnotize, trick my eyes, to be wise
Build a life, watch it rise, never slip 'n never slide,
So much time spent where I: waitin', wishin', hopin', I'm
Sick of livin' for a life, to begin, to arrive.
Focus on the day-to-day, meditate, regulate
My fate can it wait? It ain't too late. I'll take each day – no weight.
Cause it's
Not fair to care how he fares while I'm stuck,
I pivot my luck, by livin' it up, by freein' my fuckin' butt, this rutt has got me nuts
It sucks.

Now, I,
Had a path, had a man, had a future, had a hand,
Made a promise, made a plan, made out with another man,
In the end, I spin the win by thinkin' life's yet to begin,
Who needs baggage if you can, get out 'fore shit hits the fan.
Gotta focus on myself, set commitment on the shelf,
Understand my needs, my health, can't be for nobody else.

GUY (sung)
The stories you tell yourself lie - every one
There is no real you waiting to be undone
Life's purpose is clear: love and be loved
Accept what you have, trust it's enough.

GIRL (rapped)
We just had coffee his pain was still raw, I saw
His eyes wet with grief, infectious, in awe of my
Disciplined mind, my still gaze, my sigh when he
Smiled and tilted his head to the side (tryin' to remind me of love
left behind...)

Now I love him I do but I gotta look past.
I'm sick of the wait, hate the space and the fast.
It's time to see me in the light of the day,
To be all I can, on my own, my own way.

GUY (sung)
Oh girl your colors have come out in spades
The queen of my heart, you're jackin' my fate
I ain't gonna waste my whole life on you
If you can't choose me now, just know that I'm through.

GIRL (rapped)
Break a heart.
Embitter a mind.
Better his than mine, I ain't got the time,
To face what I've done or fight for his hand,
Guess I just gotta start over again.