Give Love A Chance

Give love a chance,
Don’t say it’s too late,
Don’t give your heart to another when I’ve come so far to say.

Give us a shot,
Give us a break,
Know that no one has it easy but it’s worth it anyway.

So give me your hand,
And give me a day,
And I will show you all that love can do if you choose to stay.

Family harmony, beauty and legacy, songs for anniversaries, watercolor memories,
Stargazing, traveling, patient understanding.

I hear that you don’t think it’s fair
To wait for this to go somewhere.
You don’t remember what it’s like to even have me living near.

But babe there’s nothing I won’t do,
I’ll move wherever you want to,
I want nothing more than the life that I have promised you.

So give love a chance,
We don’t have to wait,
We’ll let our hearts lead us to a future we’ll create.
And all of our friends will see us and say:
Love is a miracle look how full the world is they have made.