Passionate and proactive developer, empathic communicator, curious learner. Perceptive user advocate. Driven to conceive and execute new business ideas. Experienced technical writer with internal and external documentation, help pages, and white papers. Accomplished non-fiction writer, editor, and public speaker.

Co-author on published conference paper in Information Systems and award-winning paper in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Co-founded Quad Connect, which won the 2010 student Olin Cup Entrepreneurship Competition. Former research fellow at DERI – Galway, the largest Semantic Web research institute in the world.

Invited speaker for various community organizations and start-up companies to speak on technology and the Web. Invited speaker for donors of the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) as well as for pre-freshmen and parents at WUSTL’s Women in Engineering Day.

Recognized at WUSTL with both a Boeing scholarship and an outstanding achievement award in computer science for passion and engagement in classes, critical thinking in HCI research with the Looking Glass Lab, and an ambitious book proposal: ‘Pages with Purpose: The New Paradigm in Web Design’.

Also a singer/songwriter, actor, and Mosaic Whispers a cappella alumnus. Past theatre credits include Jamie Wellerstein in The Last Five Years, Cheshire Cat in Alice, Ceyx/Vertumnus in Metamorphoses, Tateh in Ragtime, and Motel in Fiddler on the Roof, among others.

Work Experience

  • User Experience Developer at Wisconsin State Courts
    • I am on the CCAP3 team. We develop web applications for court operations, including the calendar for all the judges in the state as well as jury management tools. I primarily develop in Scala, with front-end work making use of HTML5 (all courthouses in the state use the latest version of Chrome).
  • User Experience Developer at AT&T
    • I was on the tSpace team. They develop the AT&T employee social network, which helps their 300,000+ employees and contractors connect and collaborate on business and social initiatives. I helped them integrate tSpace into AT&T’s other online initiatives in order to streamline employee communication.
      Features that I have built from scratch – using Java, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS – have been used by tens of thousands of unique visitors and have seen millions of requests.
  • Senior Web Developer for Proud Honeybee Productions (Ari’s Take,, among others)
    • Designed and developed desktop and mobile websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL
    • Built the Ari’s Take blog from scratch, with a custom back-end for artist updates
    • Setup cron jobs with PHP scripts for pulling event data from the ArtistData API
    • Built multiple custom Tumblr themes for artist and tour blogs
  • Web Developer at Washington University in St. Louis (Spring 2011-Fall 2011)
    • Designed prototypes for Web apps using HTML/CSS/JavaScript. Debugged Perl scripts. Resident JavaScript expert. Wrote public-facing help pages for Web apps. Wrote internal white paper on mobile Web strategy and JavaScript. Implemented MS InfoPath forms on Sharepoint.
  • Quad Connect (Spring 2009-Spring 2010)
    • Co-Founder of Quad Connect, a student-run start-up company at Washington University in St. Louis. Quad Connect aims to improve campus communities by helping students promote and discover campus events timely and efficiently. Extensive work on product and brand development. Completed a prototype with Human Computer Interaction students using Google Web Toolkit 2.0.

Presentations, Awards, and Honors

Programming and Software Experience