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An American in Galway

“He doesn’t sound American.”           Micah: 1           Random club goer: 0 One of the most exciting things about traveling is the ability to reinvent yourself. Of course, it helps to look slightly european and be able to turn on a non-descript … Continue reading

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Galway Arrival and the Semantic Web

Sunny day in Galway, Praise the Lord! Great skies for a great start to the next six months. Yesterday, not so much… Hours after arrival, amid dreary skies and misty air, I had my first embarrassing American moment in the … Continue reading

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On Baptist conversion and other things not to attempt at 40,000 feet

“Praise the Lord!” my Born-Again neighbor exclaimed when I told him the Hebrew pronunciation of my name was based on my Jewish heritage. “This is gonna be a long flight” I thought back. In my attempt to stay mensch-like to … Continue reading

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The Body Good

Milk. It does the body good. But what good is the body when the calf weeps formulated milk ducts from the scientist’s teat. Lick those lips of perspirated celebrity icons and Sink those hips into celebrated 2% liquids. But what … Continue reading

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The Second Coming Has Arrived

God’s white, perfectly manicured fingers scroll through His greatest new invention on the back of the July 1st, 2007 New York Times Magazine, or so Apple Inc. would like us to believe. In homage to the thousands of bloggers and … Continue reading

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