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New site!

Hey Friends! My new home online is You’ll be able to find all my latest projects there in engineering, advocacy, writing, acting, and music. New blog posts will generally end up on Medium (I’ll link to the best ones … Continue reading

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Make Money Online: Business Plans for Web Apps

You have a great idea for an App, you’re all set to start building it, and then you realize you have no business plan. So you start asking around: “how do I make money with this idea?” If you came … Continue reading

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Eloquent Reality: Understanding journalism as the union of science and design

Hello again. Let’s see, I left you on August 23rd, which, coincidentally lets us begin this post the same way as the last one, that is, with a TED talk… Nice Ted talk on the power of visualizing data to … Continue reading

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6 Months in Galway (part 1)

So… it’s been awhile. Blame Twitter; a travelogue feels a bit silly when I can record each event, as it happens. Also, I haven’t been traveling, I’ve been working. Take the day of my last blog post. What was I … Continue reading

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Irish Immigration

“If you ever come back to Ireland, I won’t accept this crap again.” The fact that this was the most hopeful (and productive) time in my four weeks of acquiring my Irish green card, has given me a bit of … Continue reading

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